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April 15, 2010

First Quarter Numbers of 2010

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It will be interesting to see how the tax credit incentives shake out by the end of this month.  There certainly is a busy hum with buyers trying to meet the deadline.  Properties need to be under contract by April 30, 2010 to receive the first time home buyer credit of $8000 and $6500 tax incentive if you are purchasing and it isn’t your first time to purchase.

Perhaps Investors will start showing themselves after the April 30, 2010 date ready to scoop in on some great buys.  Lenders seem to be loosening up their purse strings to allow more Investor loans, but just a slight loosening, nothing to lead you to believe the banks are ready to completely open their pocket books (my Grandma used to always say pocket book) to consumers just yet.  Let’s be honest though, it’s those banks that are a bit selfish with their funds and qualifications that seem to be left for future use in the industry. 

The Grand Junction Area Realtor Association reported 351 residential sales in the first quarter of 2010.  A slow start was highlighted with a more active ending of the quarter.  Out of the 351 sales, 6% of those sales were for properties selling above the $400,000 mark.  The hot part of the market was below $300,000 reporting the lions share of 86%.  60% of the total sales were in the $150,000 to $299,000 price range. 

The buyers are active, they have certainly come out of our cold winter hibernation, let’s hope for the industry’s sake they continue to stay active after the incentives go away.  Even without the incentives, it is a great time to buy.  Two years ago there were few properties below the $200,000 thresh-hold and now it’s a vital part of the market.  Interest rates still hover at an incredible low percentage.  The question is…..How long can that go on?  In my opinion, that’s why it continues to be a perfect buying climate.  Low interest rates and great pricing for buyers.

The Milyard Team is here to serve you.  RE/MAX continues to report the highest percentage of listings sold hovering right around that 25% mark.  You want to be knowledgable when you enter the market, go with the brand you know……RE/MAX 4000.

For information on this article or regarding RE/MAX 4000, please contact me. 


Until Next Time,      Toni Milyard  RE/MAX 4000 Broker/Owner


April 5, 2010

Your Best Days?

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Are your best days behind you or are they yet to come?  Personally, I believe they are yet to come.  Of course there have been many wonderful times and memories of date, but there are so many possibilities yet to come.

We have to maintain focus.  Focus on staying positive and living each day with a great attitude.  We don’t know what the future brings, but we can each day plan with optimism. 

What do you believe about the industry?  Do you think it’s a good time to buy?  What do you think about the future?  Do you think your best days are behind us?

The industry has always been a moving target.  One thing is certain and that is we need shelter.  The ability to enjoy home ownership is still an American dream.  For many, this is the perfect time to buy.  The market is seeing a glimpse of holding its own and moving out of a downward trend.  A perfect time to buy in regards to interest rates and there are still many options to keep the investment into the purchase minimal.  As the market trends upward, don’t look back and wish you would have taken advantage of the low interest rates and lower home prices. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Be educated about the market.  Utilize the knowledge of your professional Realtor. Are you ready to purchase a property or are you ready to sell a property?   The Milyard Team with RE/MAX 4000 is equipped with a vast knowledge of what is happening with the real estate industry.  We track the number of showings each week and maintain a focus on the absorption rate of the existing properties on the market.  These are just to name a few of what The Milyard Team will do to maintain a pulse on the market to better serve our customers and clients.

So……I pose the question again, what do you think about the future? Do you think your best days are behind you?

We are experiencing interesting times for sure.  Exercising positive thinking and feeding a positive attitude are essential.  We CAN do EVERYTHING better!  As a culture we certainly can be more grateful.  We are the most powerful nation.  We still have a country filled with entrepreneurs.  These are not the worst of times. 

The best of days are ahead of us.  Pour yourself into your lives.  Keep informed.

Until next time……  Toni Milyard  RE/MAX 4000  Broker/Owner

I can be reached at 970-241-4000  120 W. Park Dr. 200  Grand Junction, CO  81505

March 29, 2010


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Echo Boomer?  No that is not a terminology used for a sound you hear across a canyon, however the impact may be similar…..Amazing!

While the recent economic downturn has slowed household growth, the massive size of the Echo Boom Generation is expected to give a powerful boost to housing demand.  Echo Boomers represent a significant portion of first-time home buyers and will play an important role in absorbing inventory. 

Echo Boomers are wise beyond their years.  A study found that they defy conventional wisdom when it comes to assumptions associated with young people.  According the to the survey, these consumers demonstrate a mature approach to spending.

  • Almost half of the Echo Boomers describe themselves as savers.
  • More than 70% are concerned about having enough money for retirement, a degree of concern almost equal to that of Baby Boomers.
  • Echo Boomers stated that spouses (70%), children (63%) and parents (48%) had the most influence on their spending.

                                                                                                source:     2007 USA Visa

Staying abreast of current trends in the real estate market is what RE/MAX 4000’s Milyard Team pride themselves in doing.  With the entry of the Echo Boomers in the market, their influence is projected to reverberate through the canyons of the coming years.  Call today if The Milyard Team can assist you with your buying or selling needs.   

 970-250-6143 Joe    970-216-0988 Amy    970-623-9300 Mandy

CHFA Loans only $1000 Down

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With all of the Buying opportunities in today’s real estate market, don’t forget the CHFA Loan program.  It may be the perfect option for you.  To qualify for CHFA, borrower(s) must:

  • meet income and home purchase price limits
  • have a FICO score of 580
  • use the home as their principal/primary residence; and
  • have not owned a home as primary residence in the past three (3) years (first time homebuyers), are current homeowners looking to refinance certain qualified subprime mortgages, or are eligible veterans.

There is much to know and information to be gained, please call your lender to find out all the facts and see if you are illegible for this type of loan. 

When talking to your lender, be sure to ask about the CHFA Statewide Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)….here’s how it works;

Super-charge your federal tax savings with a mortgage credit certificate – the credit that keeps on giving!  Claim up to 20 percent of your paid mortgage interest each year you live in you home as a federal tax credit with the CHFA,MCC program.  The CHFA MCC program also allows homeowners to refinance qualified adjustable rate mortgage loans.

  • For the life of the loan, CHFA MCC holders may claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction of income tax liability equal to 20 percent of the paid mortgage interest on the first mortgage.
  • The remaining 80 percent of the paid mortgage interest continues to qualify as an itemized tax deduction.
  • The CHFA MCC may be combined with other CHFA programs.
  • If this home is sold, the transaction may be subject to the Federal Recapture Tax.

To view a sample CHFA MCC in action visit and click on the MCC Tax Example link on the right side of the page.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark, contact RE/MAX 4000 at 970-241-4000 and talk to a professional Realtor to put you in touch with a CHFA participating lender.  For a full roster of RE/MAX 4000 Realtors go to .

The $8000 dollar tax credit for first time home buyers can also be a benefit to buyers with CHFA MCC. 

OMG, so much to know, so much to seize as an opportunity to owning a new home.  What are you waiting for?

March 16, 2010

Making the Best Deal

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What Do Realtors Do? Remember when you were a child and you were taken care of. Your needs were met, you had food and clothing, yet did you ever ask yourself as a child, where does the money come from other than Mom or Dad. How did Mom and Dad get their money? If your parents were ranchers as mine were, I never understood how my parents got their money. Or to be honest……I never even asked the question. I was just well fed, always seem to have money when it was necessary. I do remember times when we were eating a lot of beans and there wasn’t as many trips to town for shopping. But never enough concern that made me stop to ask the question? So, have you ever asked the question about the profession of what a Realtor does or how they get paid, let’s dive into that profession. It’s something I do know a lot about……and by the way, I do now know how my parents received money. Once a year. What does a Realtor do and how do they get paid? I can’t tell you how many people exploring the possibility of choosing the Real Estate profession, want to do so because it looks so easy and they love to look at property, so “wahlah” that makes them a perfect candidate…….WRONG! I thought Ranching was a difficult profession, Real Estate is not for the faint of heart. As a Realtor the number one priority is prospecting, seeking new clients and customers. If you know a lot of people and have a large sphere of influence, that’s a bonus. However, the true art of a Realtor is nurturing those relationships. Not only nurturing the relationships of their current customers, but continually prospecting for new customers. Did you know that 90% of people asked, don’t remember their Realtors name. Did you know that 85% of RE/MAX 4000 Realtor’s business is from repeat customers. RE/MAX 4000 agents take great pride in maintaining this statistic. Statistic really isn’t the right name however…..again, it’s all about the relationship and taking care of the customer! Loyalty is extremely important. Loyalty from the Buyer. Take a look at this example: You are working with a Faithful Realtor, they have searched property for you, they have met every request you have given them and more, they worked on weekends and at night, they have followed up with you. They have been sending you information and updating you on market conditions and one day you drive by an Open House, or maybe it’s a For Sale By Owner. You are asked, “Are you working with a Realtor?” You answer no because you want to get the “best deal” from the person you are talking to, or you’re afraid you won’t get ALL the information if you tell them you really are working with a Realtor. You write a contract with the “On The Spot Realtor”. Perhaps you believe you will get a better deal, or you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the “On the Spot Realtor”, or you just don’t want to bother the Realtor who has spent all this time with you because they’ve worked so hard already. How does your Faithful Realtor get paid…….. They don’t. Each RE/MAX 4000 Realtor is an Independent Contractor. They don’t receive a salary, they are risk takers. If they don’t sell a property, they don’t get paid. In Colorado the listing agreement provides the commission agreement that the Seller will pay the commission. You should never be mislead that you will receive a “better deal” if you write a contract with the “On The Spot Realtor”. Now if your Realtor has not kept in touch with you and you don’t feel like your needs have been met, then you really don’t have a Faithful Realtor do you? Again that is why RE/MAX 4000 agents have 85% of their business from Loyal repeat customers. The benefit of this to you, is you have been provided with all the right information to help you make informed decisions. You do know what is current. In my opinion, that’s how you make a better deal. You may believe that all a Realtor has to do is show homes all day, write a contract and then go to the closing and collect the funds….. oh if it were so easy as that. You want a trained professional Faithful Realtor especially from the point of contract to the closing table. That is truly when the detail and work begins. It used to be a hand shake and the work was done to have a closing. Now it is extremely complicated! In the days and weeks prior to a closing, there are dates and deadlines to be met, there are appraisals, counter proposals, amendments, Lender requirements, inspection notices and negotiations. You don’t want the most important part of the transaction left to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. How much do you know about the “On the Spot Realtor”? Trust your relationship that has been nurtured with your Realtor. Trust that you want a trained professional steering your transaction to the closing table. Know that you don’t have to buy a property from the “On the Spot Realtor” out of fear from getting the “Best Deal”. A Realtor who has worked with you for a year, won’t receive any compensation until they look after you and help you get to the closing. Respect their professionalism and dedication with your loyalty. Loyalty and Commitment from both you and your Realtor….now that’s how you get THE BEST DEAL. If you have further questions about RE/MAX 4000 or what to expect from your Realtor, I’m always available at RE/MAX 4000, 970-241-4000. Toni Milyard RE/MAX 4000 Broker/Owner

March 15, 2010


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I spent the weekend watching the HBO series “The Band Of Brothers”.  It is a depiction of the 101st AirbournDivision and their battles and stories during WWII in the Europe Theater of the war.  It was addicting and fascinating.  I guess I’ve always been fascinated by WWII.  It really has been such a defining moment in our history and it also is such an impactful story of what American men were willing to do for our country.  It also is so amazing how then and now, the people fighting for our country are sooooo young.    And about now……., I’m sure you’re asking….what does this have to do with Real Estate.  Not so much, except the right that we have to own property and how we can never take it for granted.  It’s easy to forget what the right of ownership and freedom means to all of us.  

Remembering some of the Greatest in our History,

Toni Milyard/ Owner RE/MAX 4000

March 10, 2010

Generational Storm

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The Generational Storm

Each year, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) publishes its annual Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers.  A wealth of information is included in the publication, statistics which are dissected by the media but largely overlooked by the average real estate professional in business planning.

This information is based on the merging of these NAR statistics with Census data, primarily taking the buying and selling behaviors of consumers based on age and comparing it with the number of consumers found in each age group.

The statistics released by NAR indicate that as a person rises in age, the likelihood of them selling increases and likelihood of them buying decreases – which may not seem like new information, however, it becomes evident when the data is analyzed in this manner, 2006 presented the real estate market with the unique challenge of oversupply and under-demand.   2006 marked a year when the oldest Baby Boomers, born in 1946, first turned 60 years of age.

The largest generation we have ever known, with nearly 80% homeownership rates, had all become sellers, with the very oldest entering retirement planning.  Which meant we needed to increase the number of first time buyers at the bottom of the market to absorb the rising inventory?  However, by 2006 the average age of first time buyers had risen to 33, and births fell in 1973.  The first time buyers we desperately needed in 2006 simply were not born.

In 2006, these two dynamics, the Baby boom entering their 60’s and the average age of first-time buyers 33 collided head-on.  Census data shows that the birth rate dropped steeply beginning in 1973, and NAR statistics demonstrate that 91% of first time buyers are native born American, while consumers over age 60 are more likely to sell and not purchase again.  The industry suddenly had a shortage of first-time buyers in 2006 just when we needed more of them.

The result was oversupply of inventory and lack of demand by first-time buyers simply because they were not born.  The phenomenon went undiagnosed and largely unaddressed until the passage of the Housing & Economic Recovery Act in August, 2008 which created the original $7500 first-time buyer tax credit.

By that time, inventory had stockpiled for nearly three years.  Compounding inventory issues we found that embedded in all the homes for sale, there were in fact persons in financial distress and incapable of competing for a sale in terms of price, incentives and market time.  Foreclosures skyrocketed.


  • Age of first time buyers during the Baby Boom: 25
  • Baby Boom became first time buyers in 1971
  • Oldest of Baby Boom first turned 60 in 2006
  • Youngest of Baby Boom will turn 70 in 2034 – that’s just 24 years
  • Age of fist time buyers in 2006: 33
  • Births dropped from 1973 – 1979
  • Current age of first time buyers: 30
  • Births began to rise again in 1980
  • Most important stat to watch – first time buyer (Gen Y) share of market:

            2006 – 36%

            2007 – 39%

            2008 – 41%

            2009 – 49%




First time buyers increasing in numbers, decreasing in absorption…….


First time buyers drive the entire market. Without a first time buyer, no one else moves.  When a first time buyer buys a small home from a homeowner, that person can buy again, and someone else can either buy again – or build.

A first time buyer can cause 3 or 4 sales as they each create their own mini trade-up cycle in the market.  In 2006 first time buyers represented 36% of the housing market, meaning the balance (64%) was trade up or new construction activity.  In 2006 each of them represented nearly 3 sales per person.  There just weren’t enough of them relative to inventory.

Today, the good news is that through this downturn the average age of first time buyers has fallen back down to 30.  We are just beginning to tap into the next generation, Gen Y, which began in 1980 and which will deliver a rising number of financially mature young adults each year.

We saw record numbers of first time buyers in 2009, with preliminary data showing first time buyers represented 47% of the nationwide market and yearend numbers reported at 51%.  The industry celebrated a dangerous statistic.

The trade-up market shrinks as the first time buyer share of market rises.  At 51% of total activity, first time buyer absorption rate fell to 1.9 sales per person in 2009, much too low for required absorption, leaving us with a trade-up market that remains stagnant despite record numbers of first time buyers.  Why?

A rising number of precious first time buyers are not getting on the trade-up ladder but instead buying vacant bank owned properties, and an opportunity for trade-up activity is missed.

2010 and BEYOND

A bright future

We are on the threshold of another boom that could potentially make the last one look boring.

The next boom will be driven by the first-time buyers in Gen Y, whose generation rivals the Baby Boom in size and numbers yet are only just beginning to reach financial maturity.

As these young adults begin to form households and desire a home of their own, they will enter the market and reintroduce demand.  By virtue of the sheer size of this generation, they will generate home buying records.  But we can’t be knocked off track as sales begin to rise by underestimating the Baby Boom retirement liquidation inventory.

For the first time in history, we will experience two enormous generations in real estate market simultaneously.  It will be fun – and it will be the consummate Battle of the Booms:  Gen Y demand vs. Baby Boom supply.

Those same record setting first-time buyers from 1971 are about to become record setting sellers.  As the Baby Boom ages and moves through their retirement years over the next 24 years, we also stand to realize a record number of listings caused by retirement-driven liquidation of primary residences.  The huge influx of listings currently can be attributed to Boomers liquidating sooner than initially planned out of fear that that market was on a free fall.

Until the absorption rate of first time buyers rises to the required rate necessary to absorb Baby Boom inventory, we could realistically see a record number of sales in terms of units, while still experiencing an oversupply of inventory, falling prices, foreclosures and short sales.  The level of impact could even vary and be confusing based on local generational distribution.

July 30, 2009

Top Team in Colorado

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The Milyard Team has again ranked in the top 2o, ranking 12th in Colorado, with RE/MAX International.  The power of the brand “RE/MAX” keeps this team Out in Front of the competition.

National Advertising with RE/MAX penetrates 99.9% share of voice in national television in the first quarter of 2009.

While our competitors/ TV advertising was virtually non-existent in Q1, millions of consumers have seen the RE/MAX commercials on major broadcast networks and more than 20 cable channels.  Second quarter information will be available soon. 

With The Milyard Team and RE/MAX your getting the best there is available in advertising and real estate expertise.

June 10, 2009

Beautiful Colorado

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It’s that time of year again.  There is nothing like viewing beautiful Colorado real estate across the Rockies on a bicycle.  The bug for cycling is in the air.  Some members of the Milyard Team are riding through the Mountains of Western Colorado on skinny tires for “Ride the Rockies”.  The ride commenses on June 14th for  380 miles.  You just can’t buy that kind of experience.  It’s amazing how many RE/MAX signs we see while we travel across some of the most beautiful real estate in the nation, oh heck for that matter the world.  Every year when we finish the ride I feel completely blessed to live in such an incredible part of the world and it’s really right out our back door.  I’ll keep you posted to the experience.  My priority this year is to keep the skinny tires on the road, rubber always touching the ground.  Until next time. Toni Milyard of The Milyard Team

May 27, 2009

The Market Today

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The Grand Junction Real Estate Market is starting to show stronger activity.  With the first quarter reporting around 500 closed transactions, RE/MAX 4000 participated in 30% of those transactions.  The percentage is great, however the number of closings not so great.  It is picking up.  There are more and more buyings coming into the market.  The prices are still moving downward and should settle down in the decline very soon.  The interest rates, oh my gosh, they are still so incredible.  My best advice is BUY BUY BUY.  It’s time to stop holding back waiting for the perfect price.  It’s now.  Well if you want to buy, it’s now.  Until next time……Toni Milyard  & The MilyardTeam

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